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Local contracting and restoration company putting customers first since 1970

J.R. Johnson has been using skilled contractors to clean hazards and rebuild and restore homes and commercial businesses for more than 50 years

Building on its reputation as an industry leader, J.R. Johnson has spent more

than five decades perfecting the repair and restoration of

homeowner-owned association communities and commercial and

multi-family residences in Oregon and Southwest Washington.


To say the business has become an expert in what it does is an

understatement. With personalized project management, skilled teams

and strict quality control, the company has firmly established its legacy

of being a business that prioritizes detailed craftsmanship and being one

that can be trusted.

Started as a family-owned and operated business more than

50 years ago, J.R. Johnson offers comprehensive contracting

and restoration services in Oregon and Southwest Washington. 

The full service contracting and restoration company has talented teams

who put clients first and do it right the first time.

“Building quality partnerships is what we do, but then the question really is what we don’t do, (which is everything save for new construction/development,” said Del Starr, the company’s CEO and president. They also rely on “timely, thorough and transparent communication from (a project’s) start to its finish.”

Beyond delivering everything needed to get a job done well the first time, J.R. Johnson offers clients a team of personalized project management that ensures strict quality control and promised craftsmanship.


“The majority of our services are performed in-house with J.R. Johnson employees,” said Lisa Rose, director of J.R. Johnson’s business development. “This allows us to maintain a closer involvement with projects and to ensure deliverables exceed [client] expectations.”

Maintaining long-term client relationships is vital to J.R. Johnson. Unlike some companies in the area, clients are immediately assured that they are in trusted hands by getting access to the project and having contact with all workers on the work site.

“It is important to us that our clients are kept informed each step of the way from consultation to project completion,” said Rose. “We focus on long term client relationships by delivering the highest level of professional services on a continuous basis.”


One example of the company’s strong projects includes the Orchards Plaza Apartments in McMinnville. J.R. Johnson renovated the entire exterior of the building and gave the outside appearance more than a cosmetic lift. It gave it a new, cutting-edge appeal that will last for decades.


Though the budget was developed over a series of years, Starr is pleased to report that the goal of modernization was achieved within the existing budget.


In addition to the physical appearance and aesthetics, the company made a vast improvement in the building’s livability and performance. J.R. Johnson upgraded the weather resistive barrier, the rain screen and installed Hardie siding to create a vastly improved insulated environment to give its residents a warm and efficient home for all. It also added energy-efficient windows and mitigated condensation issues.


“The Orchards Plaza project exemplifies … by putting our client’s needs

first, the quality of the finish level of the constructed materials and

providing excellent customer service to (the) ownership … The end result

was transformative and is sure to promote a quality living experience,”

Starr said. 

He added that the Orchards Plaza Apartments will now be able to

continue to offer an affordable community for low-income seniors and

people with disabilities for decades. The exterior repairs and upgrades,

lobby expansion, elevator and core modernization

will let “Orchards Plaza to continue to serve the needs of the

McMinnville community for the foreseeable future,” he added.


Clients are always a big priority, but J.R. Johnson employees are as well.

The company and its leadership go the extra mile to ensure all employees

feel fully supported to successfully execute their duties. This recognition

helps the company grow and adapt. Additionally, J.R. Johnson offers continuing education for its employees as well as certification classes.


“Both our clients and employees know that when it comes to J.R. Johnson, they are going to be teamed with the industry's most qualified, skilled, and committed professionals who are going to put them and their needs first,” Starr said.

J.R. Johnson also has a series of company values including teamwork, professionalism, customer service, communication, and experience that show with every project.


“Each core value is equally important for J.R. Johnson,” said Rose.


Whether it be restoration, mold removal, or big or small-scale repairs, J.R. Johnson has the team to provide the highest quality of service possible to ensure their clients are making the right choice when choosing a contractor.


“When it comes to J.R. Johnson (people know they) are going to be teamed with the industry's most qualified, skilled, and committed professionals who are going to put them and their needs first,” Starr said.

This article was sponsored and presented by J.R Johnson, LLC. Visit or click below for more information.

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